bumble.sf.net language and parsing

plain text

A 'C' implementation of the Pattern Parser tool

This folder contains an implementation of an interpreter for a script language . This language is designed for parsing and transforming plain text.

This code is still in a testing phase. Actually the push and pop commands have some fatal bugs which need to be fixed before it can be used usefully. The application will be renamed from 'chomski' to 'pp' and for this reason some of the documents may not be accurate.

Detailed documentation for the language and interpreter is available at http://bumble.sf.net/pp/doc/

Running a script

on a windows computer

on a unix computer

How to compile the code

-On an x86 computer-

  1. Download the tiny c or another c compiler such as gcc.
  2. Unzip the tiny c distribution in some folder
  3. Download library.c and chomski.c and place the two files in the "tcc" folder (which was created when the tiny c distribution was unzipped.
  4. Compile with a command line such as
      \tcc\tcc -I\tcc\include -L\tcc\lib chomski.c 
  5. The resulting executable is around 60k

-On a non-x86 computer-

  1. download library.c and chomski.c
  2. download or obtain a c compiler, for example the GNU c compiler.
  3. compile the code. The exact proceedure I dont know because I havent done it.

Script language syntax

For detailed documentation of the script language, virtual machine and concepts see the /machine/doc/ directory.

what needs to be done on this implementation?

Debugging needs to be carried out.

Other implementations

Other implementations in C++ and Java are available in the /pp/cpp/ and file:/pp/java/ folders respectively but those implementations are less complete than the C implementation.