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News about what is happening on bumble


* early 2010

some booklet work.

* late 2009

writing booklets in a plain text format, and scripts to make pdf.

* april 2009

I rewrote the Java language tutor program which is in the dir:/lengua/tutor directory, and has been compiled into the file:/lengua/tutor/PracticeLoop.jar file. The application is designed to allow a student to practice a human (foreign) language by listen to audio files and then being able to see their transcriptions and translations. The application still cant play mp3 files, and requires the user to manually download the data file (an example of which is file:/lengua/eu/data.eu.txt ).

* march 2009

I am still cogitating on all these ideas. The plain C version of the chomski script interpreter reached a nearly finished stage. The code needs to be converted to unicode, probably using the icu library. Also an interactive debugger needs to be written because chomski scripts tend to be rather difficult to debug. I am considering revisiting the java version of chomski, and turning it into a true interpreting version.

In the meantime I wrote a kind-of cms system in Perl which can be seen at http://www.camolancho.org

* april 2008

Development on the c version of the chomski interpreter Development has reached the debugging phase. Also documentation writing.

* mar 2008

fixing up the web-site and re-organising files on the server.

* nov 2007

work has been continued on the c version of the language. The code has been compiled with the tinyc compiler and is located in the directory file:/machine/c

* august 2007

no work has been done on the system for the last two months but the idea continues to appear interesting. see file:/machine/script/check-syntax.txt for an idea of what the parse language could do if an interpreter could be written. That script shows how the language can parse itself.

* 13 jun

The developement is stalled still. Nothing is in a working state. still in cadaques

* 18 may

A plain c implementation of the machine has been started at file:/machine/c/machine.c . It is still in its early stages of development.

* may 2007

Development is stalled due to the fact that I do not have anywhere to compile the code. Am considering rewriting the system in c rather than c++

* april 07

main development