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If we were to take a look at the Caribbean pre-European contact one would see that the Caribbean was an incredibly multiethnic and multilingual society. Unfortunately European contact dealt a severe blow to the region's linguistic health. For example of the five members of the Caribbean branch of Arawakan language family, only 3 remain, Arawak, Garifuna, and Wayuu and even then their health is in danger.

It is extremely important that we do not forget the languages and cultures of the First Nations of the Caribbean. From Cuba to Venezuela, Caribbean First Nations continue to survive and grow, and our stories deserve to be told in a fair, truthful and non-discriminatory manner, with our cooperation. I am always disturbed at the amount of incorrect information about indigenous Caribbean people being perpetuated, not only on internet, but through people and media such as Caribbean textbooks. It is my hope that by creating this website I will draw more attention to not only the indigenous languages of the Caribbean but indigenous Caribbean communities themselves and encourage people learn more about all of these beautiful communities.

K. Marie Josephs