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about the web pages of this site

The web pages of this site are being generated by 3 sed scripts and one cgi bash script

The menu on the left hand side of the screen is generated by the two sed scripts dir.sed and file.sed and consists of a listing of files and sub-folders which reside in the same directory on the web server as the web page.

The scripts are called from the cgi bash script file:/script/text2html.txt using the input from link://index.txt using mod-rewrite rules within the htaccess file The sed script makehtml.txt implements a wiki →W like transformation in which certain "markup" patterns within a plain text file are transformed into html. For example, the text in the source file

 see "parsing" [->wikipedia]
will be transformed by the scripts into see parsing →W

For more information about the markup patterns which can be used in the text source files, see the document site-markup.txt

In general the apache mod-rewrite rules will redirect any file with a name like "name.txt.html" to the cgi-script. That script will open the file name.txt and transform it into html using the sed scripts.

Tools used

This site and code were built with