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Linux Games

This Booklet will contain reviews of games which are available from the apt web repositories for the linux operating system. One important criteria for judging the games will be graphical aesthetics.



bambam a program which prints letters and random images on the screen when somebody hits the keyboard start with "python bambam.py". Not in the apt repository



gamine A very simple drawing with the mouse program. Draws lines and random shapes. Nice graphics. 5 Meg which seems big for what is does

childsplay A collection of childrens games with sound in many languages. Ugly colours and not very enjoyable looking. Flash cards, sound associations etc. 20 megabytes download

hannah a childs pacman, slighly girly, smooth scrolling, nice colours

gcompris 66meg download.




tuxtype Better than tipptrainer

tipptrainer available in german or english. Not very exciting at all and the built in lessons are not complete. Not aesthetically pleasing



open-invaders nice version with an annoying intro splash screen


njam A polished pacman, smooth movement, full screen. Colours not so good.

pacman by roar thronaes A good clone of pacman, but it doesnt have smooth movement of the pacman or of the ghosts


xoids A nice asteroids game, but difficult. Right shift to shoot Has a good man page. vectoroids Another basic asteroids with geometric figures. Slightly better than xasteroids. Has sound xasteroids An asteroids game with very basic graphics (geometrical figures)


ltris A polished graphicl tetris game, but it doesnt feel completely 'classic' petris Tetris in the terminal, in other words using ascii characters not graphics. My terminal was too small to start it. tint Another terminal tetris using j,k,l to move and twist. Quite nice colour blocks netris Ascii character tetris. Worse than tint and unpleasant graphics