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The flora Booklet

some plants in my travels

Capsicum pubescens aji de clima fria seen in the bot gardens in bogota

manilkara sapote sapote a fruit of colombia

cecropia schiadophylla yarumo, guarumo used to make the ash which is mixed with coca. also can use stalks of quinua

cinchona pubescens quina the tree from which quinine was extracted

papaya maori: nita niita

solanum muricatum pepino dulce, sweet cucumber native to the andes

ilex guayusa guayusa A

ilex vomitoria apalachina used to make a tea in the usa

ilex paraguayensis hierba mate, mate the most popular tea of argentina

zea diploperennis teosinte a close relative of zea mays, maize

canna edulis achira a kind of lily, supposedly edible, hot climate

canna generalis

virola spp used to make a halucinagen

banisteriopsis caapi

manihot esculenta yuca

phyllanthus piscatorum used to make barbasco, that is a poison to aid in fishing.

paullinia yoco yoco an amazonian vine containing caffeine in the bark which is used to make a tea. very important to the tribes in the amazon

cola an african stimulant

guarana another stimulant

yaupon another stimulant