Unix and Open Source Programmers

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This is a list of open-source/unix/linux coders. The list is very subjective and incomplete

The book is not designed to give detail about the personal lives of these programmers but list their achievements and their educational background. This book may develop more as a "data file" rather than a narrative "book".

Possible sections would be; quotes, software used, university, ...

Unix Founders ‹↑›

Ken Thompson work: utf8, b, unix, plan 9, go, regular expression syntax uses: sam org: bell labs, entrisphere, google

Dennis Ritchie work: c, unix uses: acme,

Brian Kernighan work: awk, books, troff, uses: sam

Doug McIlroy manager of the unix process, invented pipes.

Rob Pike work: sam, acme, go, utf8, vismon org: bell labs, google

Al Aho work: awk

Bjarne Stroustrup work: c++, books uses: unix, sam

books: programming pearls, jon bently

Old Coders ‹↑›

Bill Joy work: vi, sun microsystems, berkeley unix, (bsd) joined, founded sun 1982

www: http://dir.salon.com/tech/fsp/2000/05/16/chapter_2_part_one/index.html
an article with information about bill joy
Torvalds work: linux uses: alpine, micro-emacs

James Gosling work: java, emacs uses: netbeans

Tridgell reverse engineerer of proprietary protocols and formats worked on rsync, sambo

Bram Moolenaar The creator of vim

Donald Knuth work: tex, books, web, cweb, literate programming metafont.

Others ‹↑›

Henry Spencer work: regular expressions library

Mark Nudelman work: maintainer of the 'less' pager (1984 - 2008)

Brian Fox, Free Software Foundation bfox at gnu.org bash history, gnu

Chet Ramey, Case Western Reserve University bash history, gnu

John MacFarlane (jgm at berkeley dot edu) created pandoc a markdown parser etc

John Gruber work: 'markdown' http://daringfireball.net, writing

Michel Fortin PHP port of 'markdown' http://michelf.com

Jim Meyering and Paul Eggert gnu fsf coders

Latex ‹↑›

Dr. Uwe Kern (xcolor at ukern dot de) created the xcolor package